Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games. And Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a brilliant design that brings the Minecraft experience to mobile devices. This game is getting better with each update.


About Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile

The main tasks for players in this adventure game are to mine materials, craft objects, and build things. A lot of people have built some truly impressive works of block art. 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a fun game to play on your phone

In this game, players will have so much fun when they build colossal structures, block by block, or just when they mine for coal to make torches to survive the night. However, to make the most out of this game, there are some things you need to learn. Let’s dive into the world of Minecraft and create your own masterpieces, battle monsters in survival mode with this useful information. 

How to create a world?

If you are a new player and playing Minecraft for the first time, you will need to create your first world. Your world can be built from scratch by using the texture packs of your choosing. However, the first thing you do is to give your world a name. Then, select the game mode from the two options: Survival or Creative. Keep in mind that if you select Survival, you will be attacked by other creatures in the world and other players if you’ve created an online game with them.

Once you already choose the mode, the next thing is to select your level of difficulty. There are 4 levels: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. With each level, you will be provided different adventures with increasingly harder means to survive, in both game modes. In addition, your world can be available for online gameplay if you want. You can create a multiplayer game for your friends to join when they see that you’re playing Minecraft.


What are biomes?

The world in Minecraft is divided into biomes, which are connected areas with many different and specific features. The biomes will be another feature for you to explore in the game. Each biome is a home to many resources and animals. It also has multiple NPC buildings such as temples, huts, and villages. In this game, you will find these biomes available: Plains, Hills, Forest, Dark Forest, Birch Forest, Beach, Mountains, Desert, Cold Beach, Stone Beach, Swamp, Jungle, Tundra, and Mesa

How to craft materials?

As the name of it, Minecraft has two huge parts which are mining and crafting materials. Then you can use the materials to build structures, sculptures, or whatever you want. In order to craft materials in the game, you will need a crafting table. And to make this table, you will need to craft wooden planks first. 

To start crafting, you should mine some wood. The best way to find some pieces of raw wood is to find some trees and start mining. You will need about 12 pieces.  When the wood is collected, it’s time to create some wooden planks by heading into your crafting menu. You will be able to make a crafting table when you finish crafting those wooden planks.

So, you have created the foundation for your world which is the most important thing. Next, you will need to find as many different materials as you can and experiment accordingly. The world of crafting is so much fun with many different weapons, armor, plants, building materials, and more.

Be aware of danger!

Minecraft for android

A health meter is represented by hearts


Although Minecraft is an exploration game, you need to be aware of danger as there are lots of them lurking around the world.

A variety of creatures will be wandering around at night or in caves and try to do you harm. Also, there are a lot of zombies, skeletons, creepers, and other monsters that will attempt to kill you on sight. In addition, be careful as you can fall from an extreme height. You will either take damage or if it’s high enough, you will die.

In the top left corner of your screen, there is a health meter which is represented by hearts. You will die when you run out of hearts and of course, you will lose all your materials that have been collected as well. You recover health slowly over time, so to save your life, try to stay away from monsters and only deal with them until you have the proper equipment.

Some tips and tricks

Now, we will provide some tips so you can make your game go smoother.

The difference between creative and survival modes

Depending on your gaming style, you may prefer one over the other mode of the game. So what is the difference between the two modes?

With creative mode, you will be provided endless supplies of all inventory to craft and create your world. There will be no monsters and mobs to combat in this mode. So if you like game play that is not very competitive, you will like this Creative mode.

With Survival mode, you will start with nothing. Then you need to harvest resources to build simple things like tools and work tables. At night, there will be angry mobs and monsters that come out and may harm you, so be wary. If you like challenges, you will prefer this Survival mode.

What are seeds and how to use them?

When you start the game, you will notice a section labeled “Seed”. So what is this? Simply, they are seed packs you can load when having specific codes. After loading, you may end up in a world of lava or a world of ice. They will be a nice change if you want a premade layout.

Find some coal in survival mode

Coal is an item you need to harvest as soon as possible. To get coal, you need a stone pickaxe to break through stone. Or you can see flecked rock which sometimes can give you coal, but it is rare. To make sure that you will find coal, use a stone pickaxe to dig downwards at least five blocks into stone. 

This game will bring you so much fun when you spend time on your phone. Build your own empire now with Minecraft: Pocket Edition!


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